Friday, 31 October 2008

It's all happening

Well.. I'm quite excited.. it's all happening.... the new blog is almost ready to be launched :)

I have approached some ladies to be on a design team for my new blog - "Crafty Muse"... I am thrilled to say that they have accepted :)

Emma*, Tina, Tracey and Jhet will be joining me on the Design Team!!

But there's more... I am going to choose a couple more people to be on the Team...I will choose them from the FIRST challenge.... so keep checking back for the big opening of "Crafty Muse" and the first challenge!!

*check out the Awesome card Emma already made using Angelique!*

*the last image I uploaded of Angelique was a bit small... so here is a large one.... to change the size - either open in photoshop and alter the size in there or cut and paste her into a word document and then change the size of the image there... email me for more info*


  1. If my legs could move today I would be dancing round the house!! I can't wait!!!

  2. Oooh, I love these images, I will be sure to check out Crafty Muse, will you let me know when it's up and running? Good luck x

  3. How exciting Sammi, i will keep checking back for the launch, had a look at Emma's card, its beautiful. Have a good weekend. Donna x

  4. how exciting sammi ~will keep checking back for your launch!!
    emma`s card is wonderful
    vanessa xx

  5. That's great sammi, I wish you all the best with it but I know it will be great can't wait to see it up and runnin.
    Nicky xox

  6. Wow! Great news Sammi! Good luck with your new blog. I hope it's a huge success for you. xx


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