Thursday, 12 February 2015

Aix - en - Provence

Oh yes... I promised some photos from Aix didn't I... well here goes... The TGV from Paris to Aix was not tooo bad - pretty quick... we saw snow, we didn't lose our bags, the train didn't split taking us somewhere else and we managed to get off at the right place :)


we stayed with some lovely French cousins ... in a great house in Aix-en-Provence. Gerard was "as always" a wonderful host. I just loved this chair which is very much like the one that Van Gogh painted - don't you think?

On the Monday that we were there Gerard took us to Marseille to the Musem

It was AMAZING.. the design on that building really is superb! 

This is us on the way in.... with a massive church in the background...

Sammi and Guy at the Fort....

We saw an interesting exhibition on "Food" and a quite wonderful photographic one... Raymond Derpardon a famous french photographer!

Here's another happy snap on the way out.. Sammi, Gerard and Moi (Izzi)....

 Here is Guy outside the house :D 

and I had a bit of fun inside....

There are some beautiful shops in Aix... Guy and Sammi loved this one...

and the displays of lavender are so sweet...

That's a nice lot of photos I think... now it's time to get ready to go to JL and MF's place:D

Next up the road trip.... Lyon and Gouarec :D

 Izzi xxx

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