Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Izzi en France

Bonsoir, I have hijacked Sammi's blog as it looks like she is not really using it much at the moment and I wanted to share some pictures and stories about my time in France...

I stowed away and survived the 22hours locked up in a purple case.... Nasu tried to stow too but I thought she should stay in Sydney with the fishies :)

Once we arrived in France I was left alone in the pokey little hotel room whilst Sammi and Guy went off exploring Paris, shopping and feasting with MF and JL.

And then finally I was allowed out... 

We walked up to the Metro Station - Etoile and I was able to get my first real glimpse of the Eiffel tower... from just behind the Arc de Triomphe... wow! What a sight!
Oh and Do you like my french beret? I had to dress appropriately for Paris in the Winter :)

Down into the Metro - Guy shows us how to work out where to go/ which line to take / where to change etc using the maps at the entrance... how handy :)

we wait....

we ride....

Oh, I have to tell you one thing I LOVE about Paris ... the buskers!! 

I don't like the gypsys and the beggars who come up wanting money all the time but I quite like hearing music playing in the metro, on the trains and around about the city... We saw this full on band playing in one of the metro tunnels so we had to stop and give them some coins :)

you might remember that my creator Sammi and her friend Bec run a little market in Maroubra. The Spire Market... well I found them a new venue....  ooh la la - How does The Spire Market Paris - located at St Chappelle sound??? 

We decided to pop in and scout it out... we waited patiently in the line ... in the cold....

And then we went inside.... it was AMAZING... intricate stain glass windows... beautifully coloured!

it seems like everyone these days has a selfie stick... so we didn't feel toooo silly using one! 

I decided to have a little rest whilst Guy and Sammi took a few snaps... 

and then it was back downstairs... but who wants to walk down.. 
I'd prefer to slide down the railing thanks!!


There was more to that day... I can't remember all the details just now but I am sure that I can fill you in later.. or maybe Sammi will decide to do it herself... I'll just sign off with one more photo, showing you how that afternoon ended.....

A bientot,
Izzi xoxo


  1. I have the biggest grin on my face!

    Le Marché de Flèche a Sainte Chappelle! Love it. When Totoro and I visited some years ago, I thought I'd quite like to stay in there looking at the stained glass forever.

    1. :) Glad we could make you smile! The stain glass is beautiful isn't it!! :D


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