Friday, 10 April 2015

a little Art canvas


Well it's been A WHILE!! Hoping to get back into blogging...but that's a bit like a broken record isn't it... well we'll see!

Thought I'd pop on and share a canvas that I've been working on for a while... I THINK that I might actually be finished it now :) Started prepping a couple more today too.. so at least I might have something more to share soon.

I love this quote from Galatians which then goes on the say that because we are sons we are heirs!! It's so Amazing that Christ brings us into the family of God :D

another note about the blog.... I noticed that Izzy had started another blog post on here about the rest of our trip in France and the UK.. but I think she forgot to finish it (well in her defense - she does have a head full of stuffing)!

Off now to have dinner and go out to a card making Spread the Cheer night :D


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