Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Izzi's interlude #2

Bonjour Mes Amis :) We are back in Paris again and sooo much has happened.. I can't believe that Sammi has not really posted any photos or stories here... so I will go back through the computer and find some snaps to share with you....

HERE are some good ones... this day - we took the Metro to go to L'Orangerie ... and walked through the park.. Sammi and I were tired so we took a little rest on the park bench...

I think Sammi was tired as look at what she ate for breakfast the day before... she was BAD and ate that Croissant (with the gluten cutter so that she would not be so sick). TO NOTE from the above picture.... LOOK at my booties.. Marie-France makes the cutest booties that she sends to Refugees children/babies and there were some bits in her boxes that fit me perfectly... they are now keeping my feet nice and WARM :D

We do love L'Orangerie.... especially those big Waterlily paintings that Monet painted... so clever... they are just beautiful!! I had my picture taken outside the Musee :D

Another fun place we went to was at the ends of the earth... well out near the docks somewhere around the edge of Paris I think... it was called Musee Art Ludique... we went there as we had seen the posters in the metro tunnels advertising the Studio Ghibli exhibition...  we couldn't take any pictures inside but we got one outside with me and these little Totoro-y characters... It was interesting seeing the artworks and reading/ hearing a bit about how the films were made :)

At the end of the Exhibition you could get on the train for a picture.. so Sammi and I popped along for the ride....

That's it for the moment... but I know there are lots more good pics to find and show you.. such as our  adventures in Laduree and then Aix-en-Provence and Lyon and Gouarec and England too.... so I will see what I can do. 

Take care!
Bisous Izzi

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  1. Croissants, Monet et Studio Ghibli! Je suis très jaloux!


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