Thursday, 6 December 2012

a Hol-ODD-day hop with SOG

Good morning!!! Today I  am popping on to LINK up and also to head you all on over the Some Odd Girl holiday Blog hop HERE!!! I've been a bit busy and slow at the moment and so there's not that much time left on the hop.. but enough to get hopping and even whip up a little holiday project too if you are keen!!!

Now about my creation... I got some sentiment stamps this week from Kellie HERE as I LOVE the Aussie Christmas theme to them... I've always loved that old Jingle Bells song.. um yes the Aussie Christmas one tee hee!! So I used them!

I found my Rusty Holden ute pic from a couple of years ago and cleaned it up a bit... mmm.. you might see that going free at Hatter's Hope later this week! :D and then piled in the Holiday Oddies...  Photo Kaylee, Gingerbread Kaylee, Hey Kaylee, Mermaid Mae is the driver and her passengers are Gingerbread peeps lol! Angel Mae is on the top of the bonnet and Deer Mae is on the front! Don't forget the gorgeous little Elves Tia and Tobie.. who just begged to wear the glasses from Preppy pups! :)

Thanks for stopping by.. now wondering what I should do with this masterpiece... :) It's  standing up on our kitchen counter for now as a decoration!! :D 


  1. Such fun and love the ute it's uber cool :-)

  2. Love your ute full of oddies. It's lovely to have an Aussie spin on Christmas.

  3. wow this is so cool sammi!!! love the little scene you have in america isn't the wheel on the other side of the car? hehehe they might think you have gingerbread men driving! :O hehe!!!

  4. Well blow me away!! This is sooo awesome Sammi!!! Wow, lovin' all the details and that big ole' truck is sooo cool!!
    So coo!!

  5. So flippin' cool! You have the best ideas woman! Love it!

  6. I absolutely love it colored in, saw it first on instagram.. so amazing! :)

  7. Love it Sammi .... Very clever!!


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