Friday, 28 December 2012

Christmas and NEW year

Isaiah 9:6

uFor to us a child is born,
to us va son is given;
wand the government shall be xupon1 his shoulder,
and his name shall be called2
Wonderful yCounselor, zMighty God,
aEverlasting bFather, Prince of cPeace.

I just love that passage! Such an amazing child born!! Such a Fantastic God! I am always amazed at his LOVE for us in sending Jesus....His only Son to earth to live and die that we might live! It just blows me away... Its hard to fathom such sacrifice... such mercy and love! Thank you Jesus!

(my production line for cards before Christmas .. I still didn't get them ALL out! ahhh)

I hope everyone had a Wonderful Christmas!! We had a pretty good day...  we went to church in the morning.. not our usual one we went to my in-laws church with M-I-L ... it was a great morning of Singing carols and a Great talk on how wonderful Jesus is ... with a challenge about how we respond to him.. Are we hostile (and violent) like the King Herod , do we hear and do nothing like the Scribes? or do we have exceeding joy and worship him like the Wise Men? I know I can be more joyful in Christ than I  always am... I get caught up in the everyday difficulties and forget to focus on what Jesus did for me and where I am headed long term.

I've not blogged for a bit... life's been a little crazy leading up to Christmas and with trying to sell off my Mad for Markers stock.. now I'm having a little break before re-opening the webstore in Jan for one last BIG sale! I'm a little sad about stopping the M4M store.. but I really do not have the headspace for it at the moment and need a bit of a break... caring for someone with alzheimers can be quite draining so I need a bit of "recharge" time! Hopefully this will mean I get a bit more time to craft and blog again too (we'll see - no promises just yet - lol).

I have managed to do some Instagram posts tho... LOVE that app... so quick and easy and a great record of memories and quirky things seen in the everyday LIFE adventure! Are you on Instagram?? Here's mine .... 


I will be back later this year to show my top projects of the year .... might be pushing it a bit for some months I think anyway it wil be an interesting exercise!

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