Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Vulcans, Wallflowers and Darling RoseBuds

OK so this is a bit of a GARDENing post (rant?!?)

 I was never a gardener... My dad is a wonderful gardener - having seen him maintain a vegetable garden all my life all I really thought is that it takes a lot of work... although I do appreciate the results!

When we were young my older sister and I wanted to be gardeners too... my parents told us that if we could keep sections of their garden free from weeds then we could have our own little piece of garden/ rockery to maintain... now I think I just wanted to be like her.. as I remember losing interest in that reasonably quickly... but I know that she kept at it and had her own little garden for quite some time.... she kept going with that green thumb when living in her own places as an adult and always had lots growing ... But I guess I never really saw what the fuss was really about until now...

Now that we have our own garden... I've thoroughly enjoyed watching the plants grow and seeing what flowers bloom up about the place... I still get excited at each new bud on the roses out the front...

Ok so I still appreciate the results ... and yet I am not too keen on "getting my hands dirty" BUT there is something rather therapeutic about turning soil, getting the weeds and rocks out (and might I say our front garden is VERY rocky) and putting in some bulbs... watering them and WAITING for them to grow....

I just planted some Lilies out the front along the front wall ... they had been sitting in the packet a bit long so I'm not sure if they will grow.... I sure hope they do though!!! not much to see here... just looks like a bunch of dirt right.. well we'll see I guess :)


I think Magnolia's are just beautiful.. and you might remember Guy and I bought and planted one.. well It's looking nice and healthy full of leaves... Here's our lil Magnolia Tree...

Ok... so I  have managed to do something right so far in the garden... the roses I pruned have given us much joy in their beautiful blossoms... Although our garden has sort of been overgrown with this ground cover thingy... it has pretty pink flowers... still not sure if it is a weed or not though?!?!

the backyard has some STRANGE plants in it put there by previous owners... and one is this bizarre looking thing... it kinda looks like Spinach but not really!?!?

Another STRANGE thing that totally cracks me up is the flowers growing out of the wall ... It's bizarre and yet they are quite pretty! lol

There's  a lot more pics I've taken such as the growth coming up in Guy's vegie boxes out the back... but we'll keep them for another day! I am off to make some cards... I think... I'm not so good at that at the moment though :)



  1. Lovely plants going on there Sammi I have to admit not been a gardener! But I have always maintained that there are no weeds only flowers growing where you don't want them! Lol and why isn't that they are some of the prettiest plants? Enjoy your card making that's what vie got planned for today too xx

  2. I am not a gardener either but I am getting better. The first thing we planted after we had built our house was fruit trees. We now have strawberry, herb and vegie patches as well. I am learning as I go and must admit fresh fruit and vegies straight from the garden taste so much better.


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