Monday, 5 November 2012

My weekend wrap up!

Good morning friends!!

How are you all?? Hope you had a great weekend! We had a fun but also tiring weekend at the Papercraft Festival at Penrith .... Mad for Markers had a stall again and now I am in recovery tee hee... well kind of.. life goes on and MIL still needs caring for... but today is a SLOW day... washing, reading and odd jobs really!!

I wanted to share a couple of piccies of the stand..

a close up of my Mad for Markers sign.. using M4M digis and of course ALL (including the letters) all coloured with Copics!!!

a close up of the GIANT marker I made hanging above the stands of Copic markers we were selling!

 I do love having a stand and getting to design it all! Each year = bigger and better hopefully (although I am not making plans for next year as just not sure what life will be like) .. I am constantly reminded of Proverbs 16:9 - The heart of the man plans his way, but the Lord establishes his steps. So I guess I will still make plans here and there.. they just might not always come to fruition.. something else might instead! lol!

November is THANKSGIVING month right?? Well right now after the show...

I am so very thankful to Guy who is the BEST husband eva - taking time off work and everything to help for the WHOLE show from set up to packup and everything in between! I can only do M4M because of Him/ his support!! I would most probably have stopped by now if not for his encouragement! I am also thankful for those who stepped in caring for MIL throughout the weekend so that we could run the stand and know MIL was being looked after!! Especially for my BIL and SIL over the weekend after their own busy weeks!

I am thankful for my Dad driving 4 hours from the Central West to come and help set up and then helping out at the show too!!

I am thankful for my DTer and friend Melissa who drove down from the mountains to help make the stall look pretty and functional and for her help throughout the whole weekend! I am thankful for those who looked after her boys so that she could be there for the weekend .. making the show FUN :)
She worked hard BEFORE the show to have samples for the displays and RESIN to colour and sell.. her resin was a big hit and I'm sure will continue to be! 

I am thankful for Gin who used her day off to get up early and drive me to the show so I could be there early.. who helped out for all of the SHOW days and all of packup! She worked wonderfully with customers helping them buy all those extras they "Really needed" :)

I am thankful for Rach who used her precious weekend to help out at the show and I am glad she was able to sit and share her beautiful colouring with us all! I am thankful for those who looked after her little Man so she could be with us and for her helping out till the end despite having to go prepare a B'day BBQ for her big Man!

I am thankful for Bec who drove all the way out to Penrith for the Saturday afternoon - one day that she did not have to DRIVE for once... It was fun to have her there and for her to share the experience!

I am thankful for all of the above people bearing with me in my "Boss Lady" role ... especially when I really don't know what to tell them to do.. that they just got on and DID it.. they made the M4M stall a success in my eyes! THANKS all!!

I am thankful for those on the stands around us at the show... especially for Vanessa from All About Scrapbooks - I used to LOVE her shop and it's been fun getting to know her more this past weekend and sharing the SHOW! Check out her online store as there is some FABBY stuff there!!!

It was also FUN (despite my unrestrained attempts to avoid looking at Washi tape) to be opposite Emilia from The Papercraft Hub! She has a wonderful range of Washi and LOTS and LOTS of scrummy dies!!

OK that will do for now :) Have a lovely week.. I better go get lunch organised!!!



  1. Like I said on Saturday, Sammi - so very proud of you! You've built a wonderful business and have some lovely people involved. :)

  2. You are super blessed to have Guy in your life, he is a truly wonderful husband! I am so glad the weekend was great for you and so many people helped join in your success.

    xx M


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