Wednesday, 28 November 2012

a Butterfly Princess

I love Butterflies.. and Fairytales and so... I just love this pretty Butterfly Princess from Saturated Canary!!! ... she's so pretty! Her dress is quite fun to colour!! I was challenged in the last week or so to try some NEW colours.. and this is one of my attempts! I was going for a peachy look.. it came out a bit darker than I first wanted but I think it worked ok!! I need to start taking better pics again too... this was on my phone ... but better a phone pic than no pic???

I'm also "trying" to use up supplies .. as I have so many things here that I just never use... so let's see what happens!

The lovely Chipboard is from 2 Crafty :)

 YES I am "TRYING" to clean up and get rid of junk... in my cleaning / moving things around I found my little hairbands that I use occassionally to plait my hair.. so I thought I'd put them to use this morning ... *Random fact* I used to do this when I worked in Afterschool care as I was paranoid about getting nits from the kids and someone told me that they could not get into plaits very easily.. I think it was a myth.. but hey :)



  1. Ooooh she is Pretttty!!! It's sooo hard to move out of your comfort zone and try new colors, but this looks Fabulous! Sometimes we find new and Awesome color combos :) Oh and love those plaits, I remember i used to get my dad to do this to my hair when i used to stay at his place...haha!

  2. Super cute card Sammi and even cuter hair! Nothing stops nits, no matter whoever claims they have a cure all ... pesky buggers!

    xx M

  3. I love that peachy look. And your clouds. She is wonderful. My colleagues would always know when there was nits in my classroom as it was in a pony tail plaited or in a pony tail and instead of loose it had a few bands holding it in....although I don't think it made an ounce of difference. Horrible little critters. In the end I invested in an electronic comb. Well worth the investment.


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