Friday, 3 August 2012

Karate CHAMP

Good morning :)

I Hope everyone is well .. I have just been sitting googling "things to do with lemons" as we have the lemon tree now as well as a whole bag of lemons... so if you have any great ideas/ favourites then please let me know!!!

Today my beautiful friend Emma's oldest daughter is competing in Nationals for Karate and so I thought I would draw her a Karate girl for good luck... Here she is all coloured up...


I'll have a card to share later... but for now I have another image to finish off drawing.. having fun with drawing at the moment!!



  1. LOVE IT! This looks Fantastic! Thank-you sooo much for doing this, I have to say that Ella loved it! Keep all your fingers and toes crossed for her today in the hope that she knocks 'em dead! Will let you know how she goes!

  2. Awesome image Sammi, she looks fab, sorry cant help with the lemons we mainly use them for pancakes and drinks. Like lemon meringue pie too but I usually make that from a shop bought mix! Lol xx

  3. Too cute Sammi .... and very sweet of you. Lemons are great for cleaning microwaves and make wonderful air freshners. Put some in your hair to lighten it naturally and use it to clean glass in the shower. See I am a font of lemon knowledge!

    xx M

  4. Aww so sweet of you Sammi! Hope she does well!No idea about lemons EXCEPT pancakes ;) hehehe


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