Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Our house.... in the middle of our street

Well we've now been here in our new house "almost" a couple of months now and MIL has now been here for a whole month too .. Here's the picture of our house from the middle of our street! I took this photo just this week...

 This next one was taken the first day that we got our keys... Here is Guy standing out the front :)

 Then we have me opening up the door that same day ... with Guy taking pictures....
 Welcome... come in everyone!!! :D
Here are a few inside shots.... Our bedroom... Just look at those LOVELY curtains there that my Mother made for me.. isn't she wonderful! Mum and Dad brought them over and helped to hang them in the beginning of July! :D

 Looking into MILs room....

 The study and office pics are missing.. and they are a bit of a mess.. so those two room will not be shown today -  lol!!! Instead we move into the Lounge room...

LOVING these couches THANKS Mum and Dad.. they are sooo comfy!!! :)
the lounge goes through to what I think is the best room in the house.. a huge kitchen and living space... that looks out to the backyard and a lovely little park behind! 

 Here's a sort of look at the kitchen.. not the best pic at all though!!!

This next picture is from the back garden looking back at the house!


AFTER years of hanging washing to dry in our garage and apartments... I was so excited to finally have a garden and a washing line!! So the washing line MUST feature here! bahahah!

and then a few shots of the garden.. .which is one big WIP lol!
Here we have "started" weeding the garden beds!
LOVE that we have a lemon tree.. it needs a bit of TLC  though
and here is my first attempt at Rose pruning... looks a little nasty now but hopefully will pay off for next year and pretty FLOWERS!! These rose bushes were huge... and I felt terrible cutting them right back but I hear that's what you "should" do .. so we'll see!!


So there you have it.. want to see some more?? Come visit us! LOL!


  1. Looks wonderful Sammi, love the kitchen/living space. You do realise that if I ever get to Australia I WILL be calling in! But I think your safe for a fair while yet! Lol xx

  2. Looks like a lovely home sammi, thanks for the tour of your home... :-) hugz ash

  3. Looks like a lovely home sammi, thanks for the tour of your home... :-) hugz ash

  4. Gorgeous!
    I totally understand the washing line thing ... I have one now too! for the first time in about 20 years!!!

    Congratulations on your gorgeous new home and a wonderful place to fill with memories and achieve those dreams

    xoxox Carly

  5. beautiful photos, I wish you many happy years in your new home!

    PM me your new addy when you get a chance chickie!

    much love Teen xx

  6. Fantastic photos Sammi! Lovely to see you have got your your boxes unpacked lol! Can't wait for my next visit lol! Take careX:)

  7. Oh Sammi, I am so impressed with your house. It is stunning. And is that a Poang chair I see someone sitting in? I love those chairs. We had one as a rocker when Miss Ash was a bubba, to settle her. We always joked we were pulling 'a few Gees' with her in it. Enjoy the fun of your new house!

    xx M


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