Friday, 24 August 2012

They're Ba-ack!!!

If you have been following my blog for a number of years (THANKS) you might remember I used to have a LITTLE blog Crafty Muse... where I  drew digis etc ... and in those days I  designed a little set of characters ... the Gumnuts .... Well since I've been getting back into drawing and digis etc etc I  thought I would try and Bring them back bigger and better than before... and Here are the results...

I had a little FUN today following these little characters around the garden.. 

well OK .... if you must know I put them around the garden in different places (inspired by a challenge Kristy - Some Odd Girl - had on facebook at the beginning of the year to make a "paper child".  You can see more of my Gumnuts goings on - on my M4M store blog HERE



  1. Awesome Sammi. Glad to see them back.


  2. So cute to see them in the garden where I am sure they are having fun! xx

  3. awww Sammi these are just adorable!!! I love them and how you have popped them around the garden :) So cute!


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