Saturday, 11 August 2012

warm hands

Happy Saturday! Hope you are all having a great weekend!! I'm just popping online to share some pics of my AWESOME gauntlets...


My Beautiful friend Bec had a pair of these last weekend and I admired them and when she said would I like some I was very keen... the very next night she brought mine to church and they are AMAZING.... they are 100 times better than fingerless gloves... warming your hands whilst allowing the fingers to move easily.. which makes them great for things like typing or colouring !!

THANKS Bec!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. How fab are they, love the colours too xx

  2. They rock sammi! they look so cozy. The kinda remind me of the fingers warmers I knitted when I was 5....only fingers no glove part LOL!

  3. Aw you are most welcome, my lovely friend :)


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