Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Guy's Birthday

Good morning!! I  hope you are all well.. I am a little tired but it's my own fault as I stayed up too late last night playing LOTRO again. Well I needed to spend some time with my gorgeous hubby who had been working and Synoding for his birthday ... and we couldn't go out so ... We had a birthday party online  :)

Anyways ... I thought I'd share the card I made for him.... Here is my pic of "young Guy" with the lovely fish he caught! Hopefully he'll be able to catch some of these IRL later in the year when we go on holidays :)

I won't share my attempt at making cake decorations but if you follow my Instagram you can see it there tee hee! yup ... think I WILL stock to papercrafts after all :D ... It was yummy though.

Enough babbling from me  - Thanks for stopping by ... I'm off to mow the lawn as it's getting rather long and it's quite a nice day for once :D 


  1. You had a party online??
    Tell me more!!
    Happy Birthday Guy!!!

  2. hehe T .. it was just playing the Lord of the Rings online really.. with a group of ppl we've played with before! Taking over the "player vs player" area for the "good guys" :)

  3. Oh wow....that is fantastic. I bet he thought it was terrific.


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