Monday, 27 May 2013

Monday mumblings Arrr Matey

Morning! It's MONDAY!! Arrr a new week with new possibilities! So far today I have woken late.. worried that meant it was going to be a bad day as MIL gets worried if no one is up when she wakes... BUT Thanks be to God - SHE slept LONGER :)
2 coffees, breakfast, a nice walk, a completed card later we are sitting here listening to Andre Rieu
(a current favourite - seems music is good therapy for dementia patients :) ... MIL is snoozing and
I am finally blogging... 
It's been a while again... life seems to take over and seems that sickness sis becoming a theme too... I'm on the hunt for some good multivitamins this week as I think Winter is looking :P if the last few week's immunity (or lack of) is anything to go by! I'm also trying to decide what to do with what remains of Mad for Markers  ... should I keep up the resources, should I keep up the Digis ... so many questions ... and also where to take this blog ... How to make the most of my current life situation and use my time best! BIG THINGS ... What I struggle with most I think is comparing myself to others - so I am challenged to be ME and no one else! the question is Who am I really? (Me, no one else) Because I know God's love and Jesus' sacrifice for Me then I know that first and foremost I am a Child of God - living for HIM! After that ?!?!?!? That's the bit I'm still working out.... aside from the obvious bits of being a wife, carer, daughter, sister, grandaughter, aunt etc ... Anyway enough of my mumblings...

Now what's Arrr Matey about???
Here's the card I finished using my Pirate Jacky Hook that I  drew for Mad for Markers' sponsorship of Desert Island Crafters :) I'm having fun colouring up the Pirates in different ways... tomorrow I might share them coloured in a distressy style :)

Oh... The good news is that my MASSIVE clean up of my craft area is almost done... and there is SPARE desk space .... and I have found many coloured images READY to go on cards... so I should have lots of creations coming soon! :)

Thanks for stopping by!


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