Friday, 10 May 2013

Congratulations card

Good morning! How are you all? I hope you are well! As for me... I've had a little bloggy break.. have been a bit out of sorts for a few different reasons... but the worst part is my THUMB which I thought was just infected from when the rose thorn went through my nail back in about February... although I was a little concerned there was something in there... so Dr put me on antibiotics... which turned out to be based on Lactose.. which I can't tolerate... and so I was a bit sick from that... went back.. new tablets ... still soaking thumb in hot water as suggested cutting the long gory story short turns out there was still part of the rose thorn in my thumb ... and now it's out but my thumb is still recovering.... which makes it HARD to do MUCH at all.. and very painful to colour :P

So I have an old creation to share.... and not a brilliant pic ... as it was taken on my phone before sending off ...  but you get the idea right :)  I made it for my beautiful friend Em who is going to be having a baby! Very excited for her little (or big;) family :)

So .... I drew the image and turned her into a digi.. now available here -  although I added the glasses and earrings in with a multiliner as I was colouring.... the "Love this Moment" sentiment is from Give a Girl a..... IN THIS April set Loving these sentiment sets!! Can't wait to use the latest one!!!


  1. I have to say that I LOVE this card Sammi and I love that you drew it of little old me, well not quite so little at the moment lol! BUt we loved it!

    Hope that thumb of yours gets better soon!

  2. Oh wow, what special card. Your friend would have to love that drew the image. So sorry to hear about your thumb. Hope it heals quickly now that thorn is out.

  3. Good morning my dear^_^
    Lovely card ^_^
    I love the image used^_^
    Happy weekend,


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