Tuesday, 14 May 2013

a card and a revelation ...

First up I want to share a card I  made... I was practising the clouds (like Kristy did them) again on this image the other week and I wanted to pop her on a card!! It's a pretty simple one as I thought the image was the major focus... the image is from Saturated Canary.

Here's the card....


Now my revelation....

Although I can have the best intentions... I am most terrible at sending cards .... giving them to people I will be seeing a bit better .... I can "mostly"make them no problem... but then they sit around the place and pile up... when I need a card for someone's  birthday etc I have to make them a NEW one I just don't seem to be able to send them ones from the piles... as I feel like they deserve a NEW one made especially for them ... I feel like a bit of a cop out when I don't have the time or energy to make a new card and end up giving one from THE PILE (with that in mind I am way behind on making cards I really do want to send to people still - so tomorrow is CATCH up day) ... but back to THE PILE ... I am going to try and give them out from the pile... and I am working out how to try and sell them ... and I've just had a thought that I will write myself a list of DEFINITE people/ cards I need and then I can premake some .. My Nan used to have a Birthday book.. she would find cards for people throughout the year and then keep them in the book so when it came to the month of the birthday she would be PREPARED. My Nan was and still is THE BEST at sending cards for EVERYTHING ... and I would love to be like that! It shows people that you are thinking of them.. that you care! So I think I just found the PERFECT use for my Purple Pocket SMASH book!! I'm off to do some Birthday SMASH book planning! :D

And it will also mean that I can SCHEDULE cards for blogging too once they are made.. 'cos um there's no way I could show them on my blog before I gave them/ sent them is there!?! :)

Have a lovely Tuesday night!!



  1. First of all - wow that is an amazing card my dear. Your colouring is perfect. Second - know what you mean about the PILE. I have two boxes full of cards and that is after getting rid of a few. All good though.


  2. OHHHH! DIBS!! bahahahaha. i think you did such a beautiful job of colouring her...how gorgeous is her dress! that is a great idea abotu pre-preparing for the cards too...atleast you know what you are making will be used :) xx

  3. Sounds like a plan. I feel the same, I always feel I have to make a card specially for a person rather than raid my stash. Love your card, those clouds are terrific and amazing colouring.

  4. Gorgeous colouring Sammi and such a pretty image, your clouds are superb..I have boxes of cards too, but at least if I run out of flowers I can pull them off other cards and re use..lol..

    Luv CHRISSYxx

  5. Gorgeous card, love her dress and the clouds. Sounds like we are all in the same boat with our piles of cards! Lol xx


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