Friday, 8 July 2011

spesch stamps RELEASE day!!!

Happy release day!! Great news... the wonderful new stamps you've been seeing here and on the Spesch stamps blog and on all the fantastic Design teams blogs are available TODAY for you to purchase! YAY! :D

Now you still have not seen them all.. so here are the others.. and this top one Is my favourite.. Oh, I think so it is really hard to choose a favourite though I love them all!

Here is Lemonade girl ...

and here she is on my Rubiks cube

and last but definitely not least this very very cute little Fairy Mushroom Fae!

Here are the rest of the faces on my cube you might not have seen yet ...

a note on the Rubiks cube... this was a cheapy... $2 cube at my local trash 'n treasure store! I like going in there to get craftable goodies... and this was a brilliant idea! It did not work out in theory as well... Now I was always one of those people that could never fix a rubiks cube and thought you had to peel off the stickers, yes! Then when I married my child of the 80's hubby and he had one he showed me how you could take it apart to fix it ... wow! lol... He also learnt the algorithms to fix it tee hee! So I thought he could fix this one with my pictures on it (n.b. The pictures are a bit harder to solve than simple coloured squares due to the face they turn around sideways and upside down. doh!) so when it could not be done and we went to pull it apart it broke... fortunately the glossy accents on top helps it now stay together as the purely decorative piece it is... I still would be tempted to make some more I think! mmm... maybe I should dig out hubby's real one! lol!

Hop on over to the Spesch Stamps blog for the latest on this gorgeous new release!!


  1. What a fantastic Idea!!!
    Kids will love it as well as adults.
    Very clever.

  2. Ooooh I just LOVE this Sammi! Even it is no longer functional it still looks FANTASTIC! A gorgeous piece of Art to display! I bet it looks even better up close!

  3. your rubik's cube, or better Sammi's cube is awesome. I really really love it, great idea, must keep that in mind.

  4. What a fantastic idea to decorate a rubiks cube. Love all your colouring.

  5. awesome cube hun, total inspiration and great images
    Hugs Kate xx

  6. I love your rubiks cube Sammi, real cute and it has inspired me to alter a noughts & crosses game that I have lying around just need choose some images and get busy with my copics might even be adventurous with my hair!! xx

  7. Fab idea! Great images and those rubix cubes are fantastic! So creative!x


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