Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Making a slide card

Here are the instructions I have put together for making the slide card as in this card I made.

Decide where you would like to have the sliding image...In this example (pictured) I decided I would put it 25mm up from the bottom of the card.

Cut two parallel lines 10mm apart* stopping at least 10mm from the edge of the card. I used my CM 12" cutter but you could draw the lines using a ruler and then cut the lines with a craft knife.

You then need a piece of card 10mmX30mm. Fold it around the track and fasten with a glue dot/ adhesive.

Attach your stamped (+ coloured) image to the front of the sliding card piece.

Turn the card over and attach ribbon to the other side of the sliding card piece

Check that the images slides both ways! Now decorate the card as you wish!!

You could stick card on the inside to hide the ribbon if you like. It makes it a bit neater and also makes the ribbon sit neatly at the sides.

*this could be smaller - I just realised that the magazine I originally looked at said to put it 3mm apart. It might be a good idea to use a smaller width for smaller images.

This is my first attempt at giving instructions for something on the blog... let me know if they are unclear / don't make sense etc :)


  1. Hi Sammi, your instructions are brill. Found it very helpful as you can see what you have to do rather than pause these videos some people are doing at the moment. Anyway I'm sorry to say that you have just been tagged. Take a look over at my blog to see what you need to do next. Karen

  2. Great tutorial can't wait to try it out.

  3. How clever are you! What a fab set of instuctions. Will have a go at the weekend.
    Has the postie still not been and left you a little something? Thought you would have had it by now as Roz got hers? Let me know and I'll send you another.
    Take care Emma.x

  4. Hello Sammi, thanks for stopping by on my blog. was lovely to hear from you. and i love the instructions. I will give them a go later on.
    love tina x

  5. Thanks for the instructions, they are very clear and I will definately be trying them out. Jac x


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