Sunday, 13 September 2015


I'm breaking my hiatus... from blogging and cardmaking etc although I am not sure for how long.. I guess we will see. My track record has not been so great in the past has it :o Well Birthday week is totally over but it was fun! We went to Orange for the weekend.. Two of my sisters made and decorated a most delicious cake .. Here's a picture of it in my sisters lovely cafe/ bookstore - The Dragonfly Lounge - If you are ever in Orange you should definitely check it out :D

My friend from work's birthday is the day after mine and I made her a card ...  I drew a little portrait of her and coloured it in with copics, here it is ...
Well seeing as though it's Spring now... It's time to do some Spring cleaning... hoping that once I get my craft stuff tidied up then I can get more creative again! So much has been going on in life that there really hasn't been time or headspace for much but here end the excuses... Hopefully I'll be back here soon... however in the meantime I'll still be on Instagram :D 

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