Monday, 6 July 2015


Hello world.. It's been a while again but never to late to start blogging again is it? I wanted to share a couple of things about Gratitude ... my good friend Bec has designed a lovely diary for 2016 and it's aim is to help people "practise gratitude" each day has the line "Today I am grateful for:.... " It includes some very lovely drawings by the talented Jess :D which I must say are just delightful to colour in... 

Yes this video is me chatting about colouring in, practising gratitude and the Gratitude Diary! Bec has a fundraising campaign going for this great project which you can back (and order your own diary) HERE
Check out the facebook page HERE

After having a lovely time on Saturday arvo chatting and colouring with Bec we went to see my MIL in the nursing home... it's tough visiting (she has recently moved into the specialised Dementia ward) and trying to think about things to talk to her about... usually lately we just end up singing songs.. anyway we took her to the cafe they have there and had a coffee.  I was telling her about the Gratitude Diary and whilst I thought it was silly and I didn't think that she would follow the conversation I still asked what she was grateful for today. She said that she wasn't sure / doesn't come here often but then said that she was grateful to be with family.  It was actually quite a lovely little conversation. I am grateful for these fleeting moments of lucidity and the glimpses we see of the old Pam! Sadly these are not too common but a treasure when they do occur.

What are you grateful for today??


  1. Oh that is lovely, the conversation you had with Pam. Those moments are to be treasured, aren't they?

  2. And thank you for the plug and the colouring in - I had a great time :)


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