Thursday, 4 October 2012

I Smashed a Little Fairy today!!

Lol... funny title right?? Well... I found this little fairy skulking around the garden today and so I decided to Smash her! tee hee... no actually... I was colouring up Krista's Gorgeous "Got Washi" girl and I had a sudden urge to sketch up a fairy who had been "caught" and stuck into a Smash book lol.. so here she is.... Afterwards I realised it's a bit reminiscent of that squashed Fairy book.. I must go look that up I think! (edited - The book I was thinking of was called Lady Cottington's Pressed Fairy book)

This page is in my Mini Smash book!! THANKS ASH!!!! xxxx
It's basically a fun Smash/ journal page on Washi tape  :)

I thought I might do a giveaway and so if you email me I will send you your own Got Washi'ed Fairy image to colour and Smash.... I have taken off the spots so you can decorate the tape as your favourite Washi design :)



  1. Gorgeous page... Thanks for the fairy offer, how generous of you... :)

  2. Are you giving away anymore of your little fairies? Because I think she is adorable ans I love your sweet idea of the little sprite caught in some washi tape! I mean it could happen........LOL! Also I'm going to search for the Sashed Fairy book you mentioned. I didn't know if was one of your own or something you purchased
    Beautiful happy little pages! Thank you for the smile first thing in my morning

  3. Sorry for all the typos in my above post! My iPad is still sleepy this morning.....:(

  4. hehe love the title ;) And love the fairy!!! It looks fantastic sammi and the page looks fab too :)


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