Sunday, 18 September 2011

the cutest pressie....

I just HAD to share with you what arrived at our POST OFFICE last week!! The most adorable little bear!!! THANKS so much to Trace who sent me this beautiful handmade teddy... this is Betty... she will from now on be sitting proudly on my desk!!! :D is new too ... I will show you a photo of that as soon as I finish cleaning it all up/ getting organised as NOT QUITE there yet!!

As you can see Betty likes her Copics too!! lol! I wanted to show you how big she was!!


  1. Aww how gorgeous! What a lovely pressie and not surprised she is loving her copics too ;)xx

  2. Oh she looks so cute holding the marker. I am so glad you like her. Can't wait to see a photo of your work area.

  3. Betty is the cutest little bear! :)


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