Sunday, 14 December 2008

The weekend

It's been quite a busy weekend... just got back from Orange where we went for the weekend for my Mum's 60th party!! It went well!!

2 of my sisters came with us... So we picked up M from the airport on Thursday night (after finding out on Tuesday she was coming home from Chile ... what a surprise) and S from the airport on Friday and then we set off!!

Self portrait (in the kitchen at the party)!

During the week just gone I finished off LOTS of Christmas cards + the presents for our annual friends/family Christmas party (which we were not able to attend this year) ... we filled up clear baubles with lollies (after personalising them with each person in the families' names!)

This week I am hoping to/ have to:
Finish Christmas presents/ shopping etc
Clean up the craft room
get some stamps made
make some cards
stop neglecting my blog friends!
AND finish a card for the Crafty Muse challenge starting this Friday!!


  1. awww these are so sweet ! and i love how you have personalized them!
    love the pic you took of your selves!

  2. oh card is done Hehehehe


  3. What a fun and wonderful gift to give. Sounds like you are going to be very busy this week good luck with it. x

  4. gosh you sound busy ~not enough hours in the day ,are there? great fun gift!
    vanessa xx

  5. love the self portrait photo so cute , i also love the decorations great idea


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