Monday, 1 September 2008

I'm really rotton

Well... I did not feel that well last night and have had a VERY sore back all day (unfortunately my chiropractor is not around until next Monday...ahhhh) anyway, enough of that....

Guy arrived to pick me up and had a parcel from Tina! Oh wow!! I emailed her to say thanks... and was wondering If I should wait to open it... I only needed the slightest bit of encouragement to open this parcel a couple of days early!! lol...

so... I went from feeling rotton... to being spoilt rotton!

Tina made this absolutely gorgeous folder which she filled up with some yummy goodies, lovely images, flowers, embellishments ... and an absolutely adorable Maggie stamp... will have to get her mounted and stamp her up VERY SOON!!


Here's the inside...

And this (below) is the Beautiful card that Tina made me!

Thanks Lovely :)


  1. Thats beautiful...hope you're lots better soon babe xo

  2. hope you feel better soon...enjoy the goodies
    hugs xxx

  3. Happy belated birthday, if it is over, if not happy birthday! The dates on your post are confusing me since the top one is dated Sept. 5 and it is only Sept. 1. I know that in parts of the world it is already tomorrow, but 4 days later, hmmmm...LOL Anyway, regardless of the date, Happy Birthday and feel better soon. There's not much worse than a back ache.

    I love your blog. Thanks for visiting mine.


  4. Happy Birthday, Sammi.. for when it was/is! Sorry.. my world has been topsy-turvy in the past couple of weeks!!

    Tina's folder idea is great, and so thoughtful!! Hope you enjoy your goodies. :o)

    Chris xx

  5. This is beautiful cards.
    Lovely colours.
    Thank you for your visit in my blog.


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