Monday, 15 September 2008

I'm getting back on track...

I'm back from my weekend away in the mountains...It was lovely in the mountains...although we definitely had that phenomenon of 4 seasons in one day!! It was overall a refreshing weekend..

On Friday night the 5 of us girls staying together had champagne and yummy cakes! Tea and chocolate and Mansfield Park!! mmmmm

The talks were on Colossians ... They were a great reminder to me to be more thankful!
I came away feeling refreshed and ready to continue persevering in the faith...I may write more on this later (ask me if you want any more info)!

Look at all those Women!!! This was taken during the singing time on the Sunday morning!

There is a WONDERFUL Stationery shop in Leura.. I've been told about it but never been there until yesterday! It is a lovely shop, lots of yummy stationery... but oh so expensive... however there were so many people in there - It's very popular... there is definitely a market out there for fine stationery!

*I'm still trying to catch up with you all... I will be there soon! *


  1. Hellooooo- welcome home!
    Thanks for sharing the pictures of your weekend!

    I would be interested in hearing more if you have time (especially about the talks) - I think you have my email address...
    Hugs - Ruth xx

  2. Welcome home Sammi, so glad you had such a wonderful time and those cakes certainly looked scrummy! xx

  3. Hiya! 'Scuse me interrupting your busy life for a second ;o) but just to let you know you won a little something on my blog. No, don't get too excited.. it's not the main prize.. I chose another ten people for little prizes, and you're one of them. :o)

    Please would you email your address to me, and I'll get a little something to you in the next few days. (Our candies will cross in the post, I guess!)

    Chris xx

  4. Looks like you had a lot of fun!
    I saw your name over at Craftling's blog candy. We both won part of the prize! YAY for us!

  5. looks like you had a lovely time xx

  6. Welcome back Sammi, I'm glad you had such a lovely weekend.
    I have to say the cakes looked rather yummy but the weekend as a whole sounded wonderful. x

  7. Wow! It sounds and looks like you had a wonderful time Sammi! Good to see you back though!
    Love Becky xx

  8. You LOOK like you had a wonderful time and I hope that catching up will be fun! Glad to see you back, HuGs Kim x


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