Monday, 26 May 2008

60th Birthday card :: Gumnut girly

Here is a card I made for a friend of my mothers, the instructions that I was given from Mum were that she likes natives (Australian) and is living on a property now... I first made one card without an image just some patterned paper I made and a ribbon and "Happy Birthday" then Mum said that she wanted me to draw something for it... "some natives, some bush, a girl with a hat??" Ahhhh ... How do I do this???

So I got to sketching some natives, eucalyptus, christmas bells... and then as I was looking at them I thought I'd draw a gumnut hat on a girl... and so I drew a girl and a boy... I have just used the girl on this card... I would like to do a whole series of images on this theme...

The gumnut hat has been used before, by May Gibbs for her gumnut babies in the classic Snugglepot and Cuddlepie books... I used to love those book as a child :)

the lady the card is for has just turned 60... I have surreptitiously included some '60s' along the barbed wire at the sides of the card!!


  1. Hi Sammi,
    Very clever with the barbed 60's and a great drawing too... I thought it was a stamped image!

  2. Oh my cute is she!!! And yes I would love to see you do a range of these!!
    Well done sammi!!

  3. Oh and I hope you are feeling a lot better,x

  4. Sammi, you are so talented. Wow!

  5. Sammi there is something for you and the rest of our SBS sisters on my blog,x

  6. Great Gumnut Girly how about Kylie! well shes Austrailian too! Sorry I dont get any better do I?! lol Jac x


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