Thursday, 7 November 2013

Stuffed by Sammi :: Raggy doll Jilly

Good afternoon, I've been having a little play these last couple of days ... We had a lot of left over polyfill from when we restuffed Guy's old teddy Bogey :) So I've been wanting to try making some softies... anyway being a very girly girl (yes STILL) I  thought I'd attempt making some raggy dolls... take #1 was not so brilliant... but the next two attempts are much better.. and even worthy of a picture or two.... The other thing I should mention is that I  do not have any "proper" supplies... I am just using OLD rags... well they are old clothes of mine really :)

..... This one I am surprisingly quite proud of.... This is Jilly (MIL - Pam helped me to name her :)

More on the making....
Jilly is made from... a sock, and a jumper and and offcuts of a tshirt and a skirt.. as well as buttons and wool and lots of sewing (still lots of room for improvement on this front)

Here she is with some extra lace and sitting on the chair next to Pam...

Seems like (in the right mood) dolls can be good therapy ... provided us both with some laughter, that's for sure :) Pam had a good chat to Jilly and then posed her for a picture.. telling her to be good and smile for Mummy to take a photo :)

Might be a few more stuffed toys showing up soon!


  1. You are so talented and creative Sammi! Jilly looks awesome!

    Michelle :o)

  2. I LOVE Jilly, Sammi!!!
    You ARE very talented xx


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