Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Paper dolls!!!

Oh I have been a big kid lately... reliving childhood memories of Paperdolls.. I thought it would be fun to make some.. so I've been designing and colouring and cutting and using my Cameo to cut for me and having all sorts of fun creating mixmatched characters!! I am selling them in a number of different ways on Mad for Markers ...  Anyway I wanted to share the gang with you....

this adorably rabble-y lot are:
Rhys, Pippi, Taya, Ryan, Archie and Brianna
OK so they are just paper dolls right.... kids would love them but no use for us crafters??? WRONG! lol.. look what I made by paper piecing Taya and one of the girl outfits ...

So much fun and so many different options.. and I  have so many more ideas for outfits for them too!! :) Oh and I am going to make up a bunch and sell them as all ready made paper dolls... like this example below of Taya.. she is just under A4 size tall :)

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