Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Origami Owl living locket

Good morning! I hope you are all having a great week! Ours is going OK... got a few things to get done still.. but enjoying the holiday! We had a few days in Canberra on the weekend which was great... saw some old friend...we saw the Toulouse Lautrec exhibition! It also happened to be the enlighten festival too whilst we were there so we got to see that! It was Fun!!! :D I might post some pics a little later ... or maybe just in a Smash book or similar tee hee!!!

Anyway I'm excited that yesterday I received my living locket that I'd ordered from Origami Owl! I loved the idea of these when I saw Jess post about them last year on faecbook .. and then Krista also posted about them this year and so I looked into getting one... and thought that being in Aus meant I would not be able to get it.. however a dear US friend made it possible!!! :D And Elizabeth was awesome!

the packaging was so cute!!!

Look at all the yummy little pieces inside....

Here it is all spread out on the table...

Here is the locket all put together.. without the dangle... was trying to decide whether to have it alone or with the dangle too :D

Here I am wearing it with the heart dangle included :)

a close up...

I wanted to get this locket as a "memory locket" for our little ones that didn't make it... so each little gem is a birthstone gem ...(the dates they were fertilised ... as they were all IVF embryos) and then a  G and an S which is pretty self explanatory - our initials :)
I know some might find it silly or sentimental but I just thought it would be nice... I carry those precious little ones around in my heart and thoughts ALWAYS yet I thought it would be nice to have a little physical reminder of their SHORT lives. I  do thank God for their short lives.. although I  do wish they had lived longer and we'd been able to see them grow ... for some reason it was meant to be this way. I trust Him in that!

I Do love this Locket :D and glad I  got it!! :D


  1. I think it is wonderful!!!! And it looks beautiful around your neck! A fine way to hold memories close to your heart! ❤

  2. What a wonderful idea, and its just stunning! A very special piece xo

  3. Beautiful and such a wonderful way to celebrate your little ones xx

  4. I absolutely LOVE this and I am so touched by the meaning of your locket. I'm honored to have been able to "enable" you, heehee. Hugs to you, sweet girl! It looks amazing on you!


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