Thursday, 17 May 2012

a few changes to come

Good morning!! Here is a card I've made with one of my current fav Some Odd Girl Stamps... this is Thank You Mae .. isn't she delightful?? I  coloured her up whilst in Adelaide and popped her on a card towards the start of this week - using some of the papers I  have kept out (most of my papers are packed away in boxes).

I am hoping to be more regular with my blogging again... we'll see... I'm also thinking of making a few changes to this blog... design and perhaps also some extra content (posts not always crafty ... shock, horror - lol - Oh, well .... we'll see!

 It's busy times here at the moment... trying to deal with all the housing changes to come... we settle on the 8th of June for the house we are purchasing... not that far away now... exciting but scary! I am really looking forward to having more space - and particularly a separate Mad for MArkers/ crafting room! Yipee!!

Meanwhile we are trying to sell our apartment!! Hopefully this will happen SOON! It means that we have to keep the place decluttered and CLEAN... mmm yes I  best go do that again Now as we are having people through tomorrow - outside the normal Sat inspection time! Bye for now!!!



  1. Happy for you Sammi .. !
    yes pixs of your new house nad your trip ..!


  2. Fab card Sammi, love your colouring as always!! I could only dream of having my own craft room... Logan would probably spend all his time in there as well.. I have just booked him to som craft classes so will be sharing al that he creates once he starts!!
    Looking forward to your changes when and if you decided to make them but love your blog already! Hugsxxx

  3. Great card Sammi and all the best with the house settlement and selling of your apartment. Praying it all goes smoothly for you. xxx

  4. Beautiful card Sammi, hoping that all the house stuff moves smoothly for you and how exciting to have a dedicated craft room I love mine, means I dont had to pack away mid project! Take care xx

  5. Ooohh I hope it sells soon for you ... we have just been through the same thing.

    We have sold our house .. but for a lot less than what we wanted :(

    But we've just got to let it go ....
    The settlement for our new house is the 15th June!!

    Unfortunately I won't have as much space to craft ... but we will be in a much nicer area and a more modern home.

    All the best Sammi .... enjoy and I look forward to seeing the changes ... change is great .... (I keep telling myself that LOL) :)

    xoxox Carly

  6. Gorgeous card Sammi! I love how you have coloured her! I hope your move is going well!



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