Monday, 29 August 2011

a blast from the past

Well I have been a bit AWOL... been busy... and life and fun things like gluten free expos... I went on Sat with a friend from church and we bought up on lots of g-f goodies... including stocking up the freezer with bread! yay!!! :D
I am in the midst of cleaning out our spare room... junk room... old study...once part craft room... aka.. the other room in our 2br apartment.... so that we can put a big desk in there for M4M/ craft! Can't wait till it's all sorted and I have a permanent place for "work"!! We will also reclaim our lounge area.. as it's kinda taken over by a shop at the moment...
anyway rambling on aren't I... you do find all types of things when you do a PROPER clean out... and one fun thing I found was a tin of old clear polymer stamps... yup... ones I made with my stamp maker oh maybe 2 years ago... some of you might" remember Crafty Muse?? I used to sell my images... and then was going to do clear stamps... but things happened and I stopped...anyways... I found the stamps and had a play.. lol! Here is my result...

If you remember who she is I might have to find some kind of prize for you! lol!



  1. Ahhhh Princess Amber ... happy days!

  2. Aww..she's one of your Crafty Muse girls! The good old happy days!

  3. Not only do I remember Princess Amber but I still have her and her friends stored in the crafting section of my netbook! Funnily enough I was looking through them just the other day! Those were the days! xx


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