Thursday, 22 April 2010

Magnolias + Bread

I have been a bit slack... no crafty creations to post... as have been tired and unmotivated this week... anyway, I have cut up my Magnolia Spring kit.. and mounted some... but need to get some more EZ mount.. have been stamping them for me and to send out a few RAKS.

I have also started colouring some but am not liking the results immensely! Will post a card in the next day or so though. I have signed up to one of Suzanne Dean's Copic colour classes to try and improve my colouring techniques.. will see how it goes!

FOOD FLASH ## This week Guy found a new gluten free bread mix and yesterday I made it up...
YUMMO!!! It's the best gf bread mix I've tasted so far. It's made by Momentum foods :)


  1. Hello Sam! Hope you'll get back into the driving seat of crafting soon! :) Times like that happens to a stamper's life and I'm no exception. LOL! Such lovely Magnolia stamps you got there! Btw, can you tell me more on how to be in Suzanne Dean's Copic class? :)

    Have a blessed day!

  2. Hi Sammi,I have been like that lately,you will get back into it soon.Oh WOW that fresh bread looks so yummy!!!

  3. Sammi.....I've got some EZ Mount and I have a love/hate relationship with it!! Its great for the stamps but is so tacky and sticky, I'm tacky and sticky for days afterwards, lol!! But my beloved Magnolias, Gorjuss Girls & Bellas come unmounted, so what's a girl to do?? I've found my local scrapping store has some in stock, though its a wee bit pricey. I got mine from eBay a little while ago and was very reasonably priced.
    I looked at Suzanne's Copics classes and considered them, but since I've managed to get a spot in the Copic Certification Class in Sydney in 2wks, I'm gonna wait until after I've done that to see if I need anymore instruction for now. :) Hope the class is beneficial for you. :)

    NOW....the most important thing for me about your post today.....the GF bread you made....seriously is it that good - coz really, since going GF 14 months ago.....I miss bread sooooooo bad!! I've tried all the different types you can get in the supermarket (uh, no thanks, never, ever, ever again) and a few from my health food shop.....but just can't take them. I actually bought myself a whizz bang mixer at Christmas so I could make my own dough and my first one tasted yummo but didn't rise. I'd almost give my left arm for a yummy slice of GF bread. Would you recommend it??? Michey xx

  4. Yum yum yummy looking bread. If you need some more Ez mount ask Kellie she might be able to steer you in the right direction.

    OMG I didn't buy any of these stamps looking at it now. eeeeekkkk gonna have so many stamps. Hahahaha

    Hope you are enjoying your afternoon

  5. Oooh those Magnolias are just adorable! Sorr about the mojo going, hope it comes back soon as I miss seeing your gorgeous creations! Your bread looks awesome, I love the smell of fresh bread...mmmm Yum!

  6. Gorgeous Magnolias, didn't get them this time!! You poor thing having to have GF bread, we had friends in the UK on a GF diet, so one evening when it was our turn to entertain I thought it can't be that different and gave us all GF garlic bread never again lol it was like eating a loufer (bath sponge thingy) not that I have eaten one! so glad you found some eatable bread!! Good luck with Suzanne Dean's class I am enjoying Class 2 and considering signing up for Class 4. Take careX:)

  7. Awwww Sammi! Your mojo will return! Everybody's goes on break! Hang in there GF!

  8. Hope you new toys spur on the mojo Sammi. The bread looks delish! hmmmm...


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