Wednesday, 24 June 2009


I've kind of lost my Mojo!

But I have been colouring in... although I must admit I'm not exceptionally happy with them.

the Magnolias are for the current Magnolia Down Under challenge (just gotta find my Mojo so I can make them into cards) and the lovely little Pixies are from Lou and Karen's new collections at Charmed Cards and Crafts, you can get yours here


  1. oh how sweet are those pixies!!!

    I think my mojo is with yours!

    much love teen xxx

  2. These are gorgeous Sammi,you have coloured them beautifully.....I look forward to seeing your cards!!! What ones did you purchase,I am not sure of the difference between transparent and white background.....I am new to for your help.

  3. Thanks for your help Sammi,will have to buy the white background ones and I am going to have to buy all of
    Hugs xx

  4. WOW - look at all those cuties waiting to be popped onto cards!!! Am looking forward to seeing the finished work - especially which one you use for MDUC ;)
    BTW - love your new blog pic - very artistic!

  5. Hi Sammi, they all look very pretty, I reckon colouring in is a nice thing to do when you have lost your mojo. Hope you are ok - Hugs - ChrissyXX

  6. Cute, Sammi!
    I feel the same sometimes, Sammi. I kind of lost it since last week but I am trying.

  7. I'm sure you'll find it soon! Sometimes you're the dog, sometimes you're the hydrant, but the hydrant has its days of glory too :)

    I've left a blog award for you over at my blog here. Please accept it :)

  8. They are lovely! Have just started looking at peoples blogs again and you are helping me get my mojo back so thanx hun! I'm sure it will come back to you soon!xx


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