Wednesday, 14 January 2009

no picture of the blog candy yet

I have not managed to take that photo of the blog candy that I promised as I was finishing off a couple of drawings... so I will show you the last image* of the new set of downloads that will be available for purchase on Friday ... In case you had not guessed the new series is a "Once Upon a Time Series" .. yup .. fairytale creations!! :) They are in B&W + coloured!!
I think you're going to love this set!!

Pop by Crafty Muse on Friday for our new challenge and our new downloads!
Or pop by beforehand and enter the current challenge! (one lucky person will receive the new downloads as a prize for entering the "Something New Challenge"!

*This one's for Ria!! lol - what should the dragon be called Jac???

Thanks for looking,



  1. Oooo Sammi, just wait til she gets home from school and sees this! Its awesome, she'll love it! I keep finding her walking round the bedroom with one of her 'dragons' attached to the front of her!lol As for naming I think I'll let Ria have a go at that one.

  2. Oh ! This is amazing!!!
    you are very clever!

    love Tina xx

  3. what a gorgeous dragon sammi you have done a great job with the art work .
    hope all is well

    Joana xx

  4. I love the dragon great job can't wait to see the rest.


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