Sunday, 30 November 2008

Where did it go???

I seem to have lost a couple of things ...
My Mojo seems to have run off, I don'thave much of that energy stuff and and the weekend appears to have disappeared as well - if you see it please send it back - I would love some more time!! :)

I just thought I'd show you a few more pics of the stamp making in action!!
I'm slowly getting the timing and washing worked out :)

Exposing the image

Post exposure wash

the end result!

I promised a card, but as I explained earlier... due to the missing Mojo and time you will have to make do with a VERY sparkly purple Princess Amber. Speaking of purple.. why not head over to Crafty Muse and join in our purple challenge???

I did finish off the order of Christmas cards to send to my Mum and also to give her some to take into the bookshop where they sell my cards in Orange... whoo!! they can go postal tomorrow!

Here's one of my favourite...

I will be taking preorders for stamps on Crafty Muse and through this blog too... email me if you are interested.

I will also be offering the service of turning your artwork into stamps ... as I had troubles trying to find somewhere to do that for me :) Email me for more info!

Thanks for looking ... I will be ending the neglect and coming round your blogs in the next few days (sorry for the absence).


  1. I want the first batch of stamps! LOL! Can't wait to play with them so I can stamp them on everything!

  2. Wow the stamps look so cool, good luck with your venture into stamps will be watching closely. Amber looks stunning all sparkly. Hope your mojo returns soon if I see it I will certainly send it back home! and I too long for more time. xx

  3. Oh no, a lost mojo .... there must be a lost mojo department somewhere because we all lose it at some point!! Glad to see the stamps happening and love your sparkly Amber ........

    :) Marcia

  4. These are so cool.

    Where do you buy supplies to make your own stamps? The images are very lovely!

  5. Love that sparkly princess! Glitter is always good, card or no card! :D


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