Sunday, 9 March 2008

Wedding card

Here is a wedding card which I made for a friend who got married at the end of last year!! pretty simple just some different coloured papers and a heart punch :) I like the layering effect possible with different sized punches!!


  1. I like layering ounched images too -especially if the basic shape is the same, but the different size punches are all slightly different (cos I can't often find the same punch in different sizes). I get some very original results like that!
    I've been blogging since 11th Feb and making cards sort of since December when I had an accident that meant I was housebound -so it's nice to "meet" another newcomer!

  2. Thanks for commenting SammieJay... it is nice to 'meet' you! I have a few shapes where I have 4 different sizes of the same shape ... this makes it easy to layer them evenly :) Original results are good though!!


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