Saturday, 19 January 2008

Craft morning, mmm ... "Day"

I organised a craft morning today - originally it was going to be a card-making morning but my friend, G wanted to scrapbook so it became a broader - "craft morning" ... there were 3 of us.. my sister, N, and G and myself... it was fun - N and I made cards and G scrapbooked!

It is nice having company whilst creating!!! We also went for longer than just the morning but Guy had been out shopping in the morning and had bought a BBQ chicken so we had a break for some lunch and then continued to create!! :)

Photos coming.....


  1. That's great you would have some fun with your friends and sister.

    I love scrapbooking with my sis. Kinda hard with all the kids running around but lots of fun when we can do it.

  2. yes - it's pretty good!

    I imagine it would be hard with all the kids running around ... I hope that you can find some time to scrapbook together still!


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