Wednesday, 4 June 2014

SBSGETBM :: What's on your desk today?

Mmm... I am rather spoilt I think as I have a number of desks...

 First up is my craft's Guy's OLD computer table :0 NO matter what I do I always seem to have a mess on this one and rarely is it actually used for crafting... usually it's piled up with all the things I "need to find a home for", "need to clean up", "want to use soon". I do clean it off to sew on though when I do my dollies arms & legs... yes it's in desperate need of a clean up!!! I'll repost it once it is clean again :0

Secondly I have the lovely big computer desk that I share with Guy :D This is where I read and write emails, draw with my WACOM, Facebook, blog (when I'm not doing so from my Macbook or iPad) play LOTRO and often craft as it's clearer than the actual craft desk. Although I need to put away some things here too!!

Then there is my work desk... for three days a week (for the rest of this year) I now sit here and do a range of Admin tasks :D


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PS... I just realised that it is Wednesday and so I can link this up to What's on your Workbench Wednesday.... I don't normally post pics of my messy desks as I wish they were not! Lol.. at least my work area is tidy

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  1. I love the messy craft desk the best, the work desk...not so much!


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