Saturday, 19 January 2008

some of the better cards from saturday

"boy Birthday card"
orange cardboard
blue cardboard
patterned paper (from Big W)
Red paper
skateboarder Sticker

These baby cards I made using a kit that I purchased from "Riot Art and Craft"
I think that they are pretty cute!! Now I just have to wait for some babies to be born :)

Craft morning, mmm ... "Day"

I organised a craft morning today - originally it was going to be a card-making morning but my friend, G wanted to scrapbook so it became a broader - "craft morning" ... there were 3 of us.. my sister, N, and G and myself... it was fun - N and I made cards and G scrapbooked!

It is nice having company whilst creating!!! We also went for longer than just the morning but Guy had been out shopping in the morning and had bought a BBQ chicken so we had a break for some lunch and then continued to create!! :)

Photos coming.....

Thursday, 17 January 2008

group of cards


I decided to make some notecards - instead of normal cards - I think these would be good for just sending people a quick note or a quick "thank-you". Here are 2 of the notecards I made!

Purple cards,
double sided tape,
bloom and eyelet

Pink card,
scap paper - music notes
calligraphy pen

yellow striped ribbon bow card

I used MORE ribbon and some eyelets to make this well as some brightly coloured card... punched the eyelets first, then threaded the ribbon through - tied the bows off and stuck the stripes of card on! It could be finished off with some text too... but I will wait!

Tuesday, 15 January 2008

handbag card

I got this idea from a card I saw online .... slightly different though! :0

I love ribbons and eyelets too!!!

Products used:
Black cardboard,
pink paper,
1 bloom,
1 length of ribbon
and 3 eyelets

Saturday, 12 January 2008

CARDS that I have made!

I am posting some photos here that I have made during the past week. Most of them I am just making for the fun of it, trying out new supplies and new techniques.

I like to have a stockpile of cards that I can write when the need arises for a card :)

I really like to make cards for people at the point of time that they are needed... I just like to make them with the particular person that I am giving the card to in mind... something just for them, the right colours etc, sometimes it is easier than others to make JUST THE RIGHT CARDS! :)

Sometimes one I have already made fits well and other times I feel that I need to make one from scratch!

"Thanks" card
black card, pink stickers, black polkadot ribbon,
'blooms' flower, pink ABC123 stickers, silver pen

"Thank-you" card
handmade paper, blue card, black card, flower ribbon,
ABC123 stickers

"Get Well" card
green card, blue card, scrapbook paper,
gift tags, black ribbon, mocha ABC123 stickers

"Birthday" card :: I made this one for a little friend of ours... His parents have been good friends of ours for a while. I was in college with his mother - she was one of my Old Chooks and one of the people God used to bring me to know Him... She has been a great friend and example to me in living for Christ! I am thankful to God for her/their friendship ... They also had a major part to play in Guy and I getting together, inviting us both to their place for dinner (at the request of Guy) all those years ago! :) They prayed for us at our wedding ... We've hung out now and then since... It's always GREAT to see them... Unfortunately, we have only seen them sporadically over the last few years ... It was nice to hang out with them last weekend and we're looking forward to holidaying at their place in April when we go there for their youngests' baptism - I am going to be godmother to one of their daughters which is very exciting but also a bit daunting - I am really stoked that they asked me ... I hope that I will be able to be a godly influence for her as she grows up ... one things for sure - there will be LOTS of prayer from me!!

Crafty stuff and a process diary of sorts

I have been inspired to start this new blog...I will make no promises about how often I will post but I'd like to keep a record of all the cards (and other crafty stuff) that I make... so I will endeavour to post photos and descriptions and who knows what else....WHY??? 
Perhaps I could blame years of keeping a VAPD (Visual Arts Process Diary) during school and uni .... I thought it might be fun and good to look back on things later.

I was given quite a few scrapbooking, card-making supplies for Christmas including this great set of ribbons so I'm looking forward to getting stuck into making stuff!!!